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Reply [MTA, STAR: REY] specialises in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. Through its network of specialist companies, Reply supports some of Europe's leading industrial groups in Telco & Media, Industry & Services, Banks & Insurance, and Public Administration to define and develop business models, suited to the new paradigms of Big Data, Cloud Computing, Digital Media and the Internet of Things.
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Commission Type CPC, CPL
Traffic Type Desktop Display, Mobile Display, Email, Search
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Category Automotive/ Ecommerce/ Financial Services/ Sports/ Technology/ Telecommunications
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Company Type Ad Network/ Affiliate Network/ Other
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Approved 3rd Party Ad Serving Vendors
Data Partners
Employees 5,001-10,000 employees
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Office Location HQ: San Ramon.
Owned/Operated Properties,,,,,,
Programmatic Integrations & Inventory Partners
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Aaron Miani [email protected]
Alessandro Marinelli [email protected]
Alessandro Saglia [email protected]
Alessandro Severgnini [email protected]
Alessia Lo Piano [email protected]
Alessia Mondolo [email protected]
Alexia Martel [email protected]
Andrea Chiari [email protected]
Andrea Molon [email protected]
Andreas Gerlach [email protected]
Art Castillo [email protected]
Astrid Burmeister [email protected]
Bernd Berthold [email protected]
Bernd Meier [email protected]
Brenda Yost [email protected]
Carlos Pereira Borgmeyer [email protected]
Carlotta Di Iorgi [email protected]
CARMEN CAMELIA IONUS [email protected]
Chris Garibaldi [email protected]
Christina Avila [email protected]
Costantino Imbrauglio [email protected]
David Shigemoto [email protected]
Dena Damanakis [email protected]
Denise David [email protected]
Diego Saletta [email protected]
Dieter Berz-Vöge [email protected]
Dr. Diana Schindler [email protected]
Drew Macaranas [email protected]
Erin Green [email protected]
Fabio Zappelli [email protected]
Federica Soro [email protected]
Felix Schupp [email protected]
Frederic Gielen [email protected]
Gabriele D'Ambruoso [email protected]
GIANFRANCO CIRILLO [email protected]
Hafsa Mirza [email protected]
Henry Frazier [email protected]
Jacquelene Smith [email protected]
Jennifer Brockhaus [email protected]
Jörg Naruhn [email protected]
Joseph Kiloh [email protected]
Julia Saswito [email protected]
Kai Uwe Ernst [email protected]
Karen Walsh [email protected]
Karsten Schroeder [email protected]
Katja Morgenweg [email protected]
Kevin Abbott [email protected]
Larry King [email protected]
Larry Williams [email protected]
Laura Franchi [email protected]
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