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Quantcast, a global leader in Artificial Intelligence technology, uses machine learning to drive human learning which helps the brands grow in AI –era. Since 2006, Quantcast has been the real-time pulse of the internet that has helped marketers and publishers know their audience through first-party direct measurement. It is a massive AI-driven audience insight platform that measures over 100 million web destinations through predictive analytics power insights, measuring solutions and target for marketers, consultancies, agencies, and publishers worldwide. Headquartered in San Francisco, Quantcast spreads across 10 countries, employing more than 800 people in 22 offices. For more information, visit www.quantcast.com
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Minimum Spend $5001-$10000
Commission Type CPA, CPM
Traffic Type Mobile Diisplay, Social, Web Display, Web Video
Payment Frequency Prepay
Payment Method
Category Games
Referrals %
Ad Serving Platform Kochava
Company Type Ad Technology Provider/ Demand Side Platform/ Retargeting/ Other
Ad Verification Various: NAI, EDAA certified, etc.
Approved 3rd Party Ad Serving Vendors AdformConversantMediaplexeyeReturnFlashtalkingDoubleClick Rich MediaPointRollSizmekMediaMindWeborama
Data Partners LiveRamp
Employees 501-1,000 employees
Media Kit https://www.quantcast.com/help/guides/creative-specifications/?utm_source=Adnetworkshub.com&utm_medium=AdVendorPage&utm_content=https://www.adnetworkshub.com/companies/quantcast
Office Location HQ: San Francisco. Also: New York, London, Dublin, Paris, Munich, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and more to come...
Owned/Operated Properties
Programmatic Integrations & Inventory Partners
Self/Managed Service Managed Service
Targeting Custom audience targeting created for your brand
Company Url https://www.quantcast.com/
Company Address 201 Third Street 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94103 United States of America Login to view detail
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Aamir Jamil [email protected]
Abtin Fanaeian [email protected]
Adam Miller [email protected]
Adrienne Lynch [email protected]
Adrienne Springer [email protected]
Aimee Gossage [email protected]
Akshay Patil [email protected]
Alana Salzberg asal[email protected]
Alan Wehausen [email protected]
Alexander Trunzo [email protected]
Alexandra Dolan [email protected]
Alexandra Dunlap [email protected]
Alexandre Teplitxky [email protected]
Alexa Santiago Velicer [email protected]
Alexia Lasvaux [email protected]
Alex McArthur [email protected]
Alex Mills [email protected]
Alex Petrilli [email protected]
Alex Vogt [email protected]
Alice Podenzana [email protected]
Alice Wu [email protected]
Aline (Merolli) Warren [email protected]
Alison DiBella [email protected]
Alison Faras [email protected]
Alison Young [email protected]
Allan Tinkler [email protected]
Allen Corona [email protected]
Allison McDonough [email protected]
Alvin Phoon [email protected]
Alyssa Gonzales [email protected]
Amanda Charlwood [email protected]
Amanda Grindele [email protected]
Amanda Hebert Blanchet M.Sc [email protected]
Amanda Utpadel [email protected]
Amanda Zalk [email protected]
Amit Kotecha [email protected]
Amy Vale [email protected]
Anand Subramanian [email protected]
Anders Uhlin [email protected]
Andrea Cheung [email protected]
Andrea Primer [email protected]
Andrew Double [email protected]
Andrew Kroll [email protected]
Andrew Makins [email protected]
Andrew Stoddart [email protected]
Anna Barker [email protected]
Anna Hung [email protected]
Anna-katharina Knarr [email protected]
Annalisa Schiavone [email protected]
Anna-Maria Mazziotti [email protected]
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