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MediaMath provides services and technologies to online marketing professionals, that enables the advertisers and their agencies to make effective, efficient and profitable marketing decisions across mobile formats and videos, display and social. Since 2007, MediaMath has delivered to a major international ad agency, holding company, and also top 5 financial and retail services, travel advertisers and auto and CPG. In 2011, MediaMath was declared the winner of the first Forrester Research wave on DSP. It is a math-driven terminal one platform that connects data and digital media into a flexible and powerful solution that eases planning, execution and, optimization analyses branding campaign and direct response. Headquartered in New York, MediaMath is a privately held company with global outreach; offices have been established at SanFrancisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and London.
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Commission Type % of Media Spend, CPA, CPC, CPCV, CPE, CPI, CPL, CPM, CPS, CPV
Traffic Type Email, Mobile Diisplay, Mobile Video, Native, Social, Web Display, Web Video
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Category Automotive/ Clothing & Fashion/ Consumer Goods/ Dating/ E-commerce/ Education/ Energy & Utilities/ Entertainment/ Finance/ Food & Beverages/ Games/ Government & Politics/ Health & Beauty/ Mobile Apps/ Non-profit/ Retail/ Sports/ Technology/ Travel & Leisure
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Ad Serving Platform Kochava
Company Type Ad Technology Provider/ Demand Side Platform/ Facebook Marketing Partner/ Instagram Ads Partner/ Retargeting/ Twitter MPP/ Other
Ad Verification Doubleverify, AdSafe, ComScore, Peer39, Integral Ad Science, MOAT, Meetrics, Batch Media, TMT
Approved 3rd Party Ad Serving Vendors Sizmek -, unruly, justpremium, adform, - compatible w all relevant technologies.
Data Partners axciom, adadvisor by Neustar, AddThis, TheAdex, Adform, ALC, Skimlinks, Bluekai, Bombora, Cardlytics, CCI Japan, Crosspixel, Datalogix, Datamyx, Datonics, Epsilon, eXelate, Experian, Eyeota, Grapeshot, I-Behavior, iCumulus, Liveramp, Lotame, MasterCard, Navegg, Nielsen, NinthDecimal, Pushspring, Retargetly, Samba TV, Semasio, TailTarget, VisualDNA, Weborama, Ziff Davis, comScore, Advertising Alliance, Instore Audience, Twyn, Audience Project, Digiseg, Nordic Data Resources, Oracle, 33Across, Affinity Answers, Alliant, Ameribase Digital, AnalyticsIQ, AreYouAHuman, BlueKangaroo, Compass, Connexity, Data Mentors, Datacratic, DataLab, Dataline, DeliDataX, Dun&Breadstreet, Edmunds, Evite, Financial Audiences, Forbes, Gfk/MRI, Gravy Analytics, HiveWyre, Infogroup Inc, IRI CPG, IXI, Kantar Media, Media Source, Merkle, OGURY, Omnibus, OmniDIGITAL by MeritDirect, One Audience, Place IQ, Profound, Ranker, Relevate, Rentrak TV, Scanbuy, SirData, SMS, Solve Media, StatSocial, TransUnion, TruSignal, V12 Group, Vendigi, VisaVue Audiences by DLX, Webbula, Polk, TRA, BIG, Consumer Targets, DataAim, Dataium, Dataline, Forbes, Future, WhoToo, MRI, Scanbuy, IRI Pro Scores, Corelogic, IPSOS, Roy Morgan, Netsprint, Aidata, Amber Data, CACI, Data Locator, Transactis, ShareThis, Accutrend, AGH MEDIA GROUP, Analytics IQ, ASL Marketing, Cuebiq, E-Tech, MaxPoint, NetWise Data, Twine Data, Windfall, NDR, mobilewalla. emetriq, q division, dataxtrade
Employees 501-1000 employees
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Office Location New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Florida, North Carolina, London. Paris, Madrid, Dorotheenstr, China Square Central, Tokyo, São Paulo, New South Wales, Victoria, and Bengaluru
Owned/Operated Properties,,,,, spree7, upcast,
Programmatic Integrations & Inventory Partners CondeNast, Stubhub, Ebay, The Economist, Urbanspoon, GLAM, Univision, Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, GateHouse Media, Fox, CBSi, BBC, Viacom, WebMD, XAXIS, USA Today, Hearst, Time, Interactive One, Fox News, IDG, CBS, Careerbuilder, Primedia, Maxim, LinkedIn, Kayak, dwell, TV Guide, Whitepages, MailOnline, The Weather Channel,CineSport, WebMD among others.
Self/Managed Service Self Service
Targeting * frequency capping on advertiser, campaign and strategy level as well as an automatized frequency cap* minimization of ad collision - minimization of instances of multiple ads appearing on the same page* pacing based on budget and/or based on number of impressions to be delivered * blacklisting / whitelisting* selection of 1st party and/or 3rd party segments to be automatically included into the optimization algorithm* selection of optimization algorithm goal (CPM, CPC, CPA, ROI, CTR, CVR)* campaign start / end and flights within a campaign* switch bidding on cookieless browsers on/off* x-device and x-browser bidding * level of suspicious traffic filter strength* exchange / SSP* private marketplace / deal ID* Fold position* Creative formats as well as weighting by impressions or budget, Contextual, brand safety and viewability targeting with DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science and Peer 39 - all pre-bid integrated across video, display and mobile (mobile web and in-app), quality targeting like ad count, ad fraud, page quality (homepage, login, UGC or not, ...), video player (autoplay, multiple players, player position and size) + interest targeting, language targeting, mobile targeting based on app usage, content advisory rating, context, popularity and price of an app installed,* 1st party data targeting * location targeting on country/region/city and postal code (down to the last digit) level as well as on DMA/media market level*hyperlocal targeting - factual, xad. MediaMath has the broadest and deepest integration for hyperlocal targeting and geo-fence building * weather targeting*day part targeting including weekday, weekend and start-/end hour in the users\\\\\\\' time zone * technology targeting - device, inventory type (desktop, mobile web, in-app), connection speed, ISP (internet service provider), browser* language targeting* recency targeting * target MediaMath DSP audience in Twitter * Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings
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Company Address 150 Greenwich Street, 45th Floor New York, NY 10007 Login to view detail
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Alexandra Selich [email protected]
Alex Kuwada [email protected]
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Anshula Johri [email protected]
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