Matomy Media Group
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Matomy Media Group Ltd., a global media company, gives a superior data-driven platform for mobile, domain, video, and email advertising. Manatomy empowers media and advertising partners to meet their ever-evolving growth driven goals by providing customized performance and programmatic solutions that are supported by media capabilities, data analytics, and optimization technology. Our video advertising platform Optimatic, programmatic platforms include the Mobfox SSP and the mobile demand-side platform myDSP. Founded in 2007, headquartered in Tel Aviv and 7 offices around the world, Matomy has listed not only in Tel Aviv Stock Exchange but also London Stock Exchange Learn more about Matomy at To access our media buying platform, visit Get to know our SSP better at
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Commission Type % of Media Spend, CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPM, CPV
Traffic Type Email, Mobile Diisplay, Mobile Video, Search, Social, Web Display, Web Video
Payment Frequency Bi-weekly, Net-15, Net-30
Payment Method Paypal
Category Dating/ Energy & Utilities/ Entertainment/ Finance/ Games/ Health & Beauty/ Mobile Apps/ Retail/ Sports/ Technology
Referrals %
Ad Serving Platform Kochava
Company Type Ad Agency/ Ad Network/ Affiliate Network/ Demand Side Platform/ Facebook Marketing Partner
Ad Verification IAB QAG Certified Network
Approved 3rd Party Ad Serving Vendors Sizmek -
Data Partners
Employees 201-500 employees
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Office Location HQ: Tel AvivAlso: New York City, London, San Francisco, London, Beijing,Seoul, Fort Lauderdale, Toronto,Munich, Vienna
Owned/Operated Properties,,,,,
Programmatic Integrations & Inventory Partners
Self/Managed Service Self Service
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Company Address 6 Hanechoshet St Tel Aviv, 69710 Israel Login to view detail
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Aaron Lak [email protected]
Anat Halbrecht [email protected]
Ariel Sivan [email protected]
Asaf Levran [email protected]
Assaf Ben-Asher [email protected]
Bryant Rich [email protected]
Dan Chemla [email protected]
Daniel Gentile [email protected]
Daria Veksler [email protected]
David Martin [email protected]
Dina Rosenthal [email protected]
Dor Bahat [email protected]
Dorit Ofir [email protected]
Felicia Strode [email protected]
Itamar Bilu [email protected]
Itay Vilenchuk [email protected]
Jeremy Friss [email protected]
Jonathan Cordero [email protected]
Kfir Moyal [email protected]
Kobi Ron [email protected]
Kumaran Sambandam [email protected]
Lea Gefen [email protected]
Leiann Barazani [email protected]
Liat Hofree [email protected]
Lior Nattiv [email protected]
Luisa Ancona Grandes Byrne [email protected]
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Manor Betzer [email protected]
Matan Hiller [email protected]
Maya Gershon [email protected]
Melinda Garcia [email protected]
Michal Naor [email protected]
Michal Well [email protected]
Mike Kim [email protected]
Mike Sisto [email protected]
Milton Cohen [email protected]
Moran Tichon [email protected]
Mor Meroz [email protected]
Moshe Huberman [email protected]
Moshe Teshuva [email protected]
Naor Shenkar [email protected]
Natalie ★ Peled [email protected]
Nick Karahalios [email protected]
Nissim Duek [email protected]
Nitay Yoffe [email protected]
Noa Cohen [email protected]
Nofar Goldstein [email protected]
Ofer Druker [email protected]
Ofer Druker [email protected]
Omer Rosenberg [email protected]
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