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Founded in 2008, iPinYou is the largest programmatic buying DSP (Demand-Side Platform) provider in China and is one of the first companies bringing audience-targeted programmatic buying to brands in Asia. iPinYou accounts for 59.8 percent of China's programmatic buying market and features China's largest audience analysis database. The company's patented OPTIMUSâ„¢ System is the first smart advertising optimization platform in China, combining the foundation of big data with big data processing capabilities along with the highest level of scientific research across China's programmatic buying industry. The system can integrate with all major domestic ad exchange platforms, supporting mobile, PC and video ads as well as cross-platform ads. iPinYou currently handles a daily average of more than 24 billion ads.
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Commission Type CPA, CPC, CPL, CPM, Flat Rate, % of Media Spend
Traffic Type Desktop Display, Desktop Video, Mobile Display, Mobile Video, Social, Email
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Category Automotive/ Ecommerce/ Financial Services/ Gaming/ Technology
Referrals %
Ad Serving Platform AppsFlyer
Company Type Demand Side Platform
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Approved 3rd Party Ad Serving Vendors
Data Partners
Employees 201-500 employees
Media Kit
Office Location Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seattle, and Silicon Valley
Owned/Operated Properties ipinyou.com
Programmatic Integrations & Inventory Partners
Self/Managed Service Self-Service & Managed Service
Company Url http://ipinyou.com.cn
Company Address Chaoyang District, Shuangjing Landgent Centre,Building A, 9th Floor, Beijing, China Log in to view all contact info
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Adrian Teh [email protected]
Arthur Lee [email protected]
Chance Dubuque 林銓 [email protected]
+1 920 559 9167
Chen Ouyang [email protected]
Ella Qiu [email protected]
Lorraine Li [email protected]
Luo Kitty [email protected]
Mario Tse [email protected]
Michael Ma [email protected]
Nancy Rong [email protected]
Nina Li [email protected]
Qiao Olivia [email protected]
Renee WaiNga Yeung [email protected]
Rikui Lu [email protected]
Stephen Zhao [email protected]
Xintong Bian [email protected]
Yuji Cao [email protected]
Yuqiao(Echo) Zhong [email protected]
Zipeng Dong [email protected]
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