Fyber (RNTS Media)
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Fyber is a leading mobile advertising technology company. Our expertise lies in solving the fundamental business challenge that freemium app and game developers face, which we achieve by generating sustainable revenue streams through ad monetization across all the devices that are connected. Built by developers for developers, our unified platform serves approximately 500+ million monthly active users, that empowers thousands of world\'s leading app developers and publishers with integrating, managing and optimizing all ad revenue sources across mediation, exchange and ad serving. We are investing for the long term to build the platform that will fuel the app economy of the future. Fyber is a subsidiary of RNTS Media. For more information, visit www.fyber.com.
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Traffic Type Desktop Display, Desktop Video, Mobile Display, Mobile Video, Social
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Category Mobile App Installs/ Non-profit/ Retail/ Sports/ Technology/ Telecommunications/ Travel & Leisure/ Automotive/ Clothing & Fashion/ Consumer Packaged Goods/ Dating/ Ecommerce/ Education/ Entertainment/ Financial Services/ Food & Beverage/ Gaming/ Government & Politics/ Health & Beauty/ Healthcare
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Ad Serving Platform Kochava
Company Type Ad Exchange/ Ad Network/ Ad Technology Provider/ Demand Side Platform/ Retargeting/ Other
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Approved 3rd Party Ad Serving Vendors
Data Partners
Employees 201-550 employees
Media Kit http://www.fyber.com/advertise.html?utm_source=Adnetworkshub.com&utm_medium=AdVendorPage&utm_content=https://www.adnetworkshub.com/companies/fyber
Office Location Berlin, San Francisco
Owned/Operated Properties heyzap.com
Programmatic Integrations & Inventory Partners
Self/Managed Service Self Service
Targeting Geographic (Country, IP address), Device IDs (Apple IDFA, Google Advertising ID), Connection (Carrier, WIFI), Device (Device Make, Model, OS, User Agent), Developer (App Name, Bundle, Developer Name)
Company Url http://www.fyber.com
Company Address Johannisstrasse 20, 10117, Berlin, Germany. Subscribe to view all contact info
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Adam Corrado [email protected]
Alexandra Bau [email protected]
Alicja Copija [email protected]
Alyssa Ortega [email protected]
Amitay Maman [email protected]
Andreas Bodczek [email protected]
Andre Woody [email protected]
Annegret Hagen [email protected]
Anne Powaska [email protected]
Annette Kasper [email protected]
Barbora Wallnerova [email protected]
Bryce Atkinson [email protected]
Caitlin Ellis [email protected]
Carla Echevarria [email protected]
Christian Link [email protected]
Christy Wong-taylor [email protected]
Clayton Steel [email protected]
Connor Sutton [email protected]
Daniele Bagnagatti [email protected]
Dolly Tang [email protected]
Eleazar Garcia [email protected]
Elena Ivanova [email protected]
Erica Deas [email protected]
Erwin Plomp [email protected]
Fabiana Briceno [email protected]
Fanni Stalzer [email protected]
Galina Vasilyeva [email protected]
Georgios Gkountaras [email protected]
Gopichand Kurra [email protected]
Hector Almeida [email protected]
Henrik Basten [email protected]
Jan Pollack [email protected]
Jimmy Miguel [email protected]
Jim Schinella [email protected]
Jim Tarr [email protected]
Josh Roberts [email protected]
Katelyn Manning [email protected]
Katja Kolomytseva [email protected]
Kevin Nguyen [email protected]
Kiril Kasjanov [email protected]
Krzysztof Jablonski [email protected]
Livia Cosmineanu [email protected]
Maria Baptista [email protected]
Markus Gehrmann
Michael Bullion [email protected]
Michael Canseco [email protected]
Michael Fortune [email protected]
Michael Jennings [email protected]
Mike Müller [email protected]
Mohamed Magdy [email protected]
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