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Founded in 2004, Facebook gave people the power to build community and brought the world closer. Through Facebook, people stay connected to their family, friends and the world at large, and express what matters to them. It has a unique culture –one that rewards impact. Here people work in small teams and navigate to develop new products by constantly iterating. Facebook’s motto, “this journey is 1 percent finished, “is a reminder that we’ve just begun to fulfill our mission to bring the world closer.
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Commission Type CPC, CPI, CPM
Traffic Type Desktop Display, Desktop Video, Mobile Display, Mobile Video, Social
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Category Non-profit/ Retail/ Sports/ Technology/ Telecommunications/ Travel & Leisure/ Automotive/ Clothing & Fashion/ Consumer Packaged Goods/ Dating/ Ecommerce/ Education/ Entertainment/ Financial Services/ Food & Beverage/ Gaming/ Government & Politics/ Health & Beauty/ Healthcare
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Ad Serving Platform Kochava
Company Type Ad Network/ Ad Technology Provider/ Facebook FMP/ Instagram Ads Partner/ Retargeting/ Other
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Approved 3rd Party Ad Serving Vendors Sizmek - http://www.sizmek.com
Data Partners LiveRamp
Employees 10001+ employees
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Office Location Vietnam
Owned/Operated Properties liverail.com, instagram.com
Programmatic Integrations & Inventory Partners (Header Bidding Partners) Index Exchange, Sonobi, Amazon Publisher Services, AppNexus, Media.net, Sortable
Self/Managed Service Self Service
Targeting Demographics, Education, Relationships, Device, Behaviors & Interests, Custom Audiences, Interest, Device, Geography, Look-a-like, Gender, Age Group, Interests, Platform, Retargeting
Company Url https://www.facebook.com/advertising
Company Address 1 Hacker Way Menlo Park, CA 94025 United States of America Login to view detail
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Contact Name Designation Email Id
Aakash Kothari [email protected]
Aaron An [email protected]
Aaron Bernstein [email protected]
Aaron Dalin
Aaron Frazer [email protected]
Abbey Koslow [email protected]
Abha Maheshwari [email protected]
Abha Maheshwari [email protected]
Abhineet Bhardwaj [email protected]
Abigail Kenny [email protected]
Abigail Kenny [email protected]
Abigail Tucker [email protected]
Achal Asawa [email protected]
Adam Antonetti [email protected]
Adam Benjamin
Adam Carl [email protected]
Adam Creasman [email protected]
Adam Davison [email protected]
Adam Flick [email protected]
Adam Hardy [email protected]
Adam Li [email protected]
Adam Marki [email protected]
Adam Mosseri [email protected]
Adam Risbridger [email protected]
Adam Risbridger [email protected]
Adam Zebrowski [email protected]
Adebayo Ojuri [email protected]
Adele Stone [email protected]
Adil Mahek [email protected]
Adisti Latief [email protected]
Aditya Wasudeo [email protected]
Adrian Adaramoye [email protected]
Adrian Adaramoye [email protected]
Adrian Maharaj [email protected]
Adrian Man [email protected]
Adrian N. [email protected]
Adrien Boyer [email protected]
Afsheen Ali [email protected]
Agustín Couto [email protected]
Aidan Baigrie [email protected]
Ainsley TeGrotenhuis [email protected]
Ajoy Roy-Chowdhury [email protected]
Akili Ferrill [email protected]
Akintunde Felix
Alain Mayni [email protected]
Alana Wong [email protected]
Alana Wong [email protected]
Alan Masarsky [email protected]
Alan Packer [email protected]
Alec Wilson [email protected]
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