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A prime, independent digital media and tech company, BuzzFeed, delivers news and entertainment content to a worldwide audience. BuzzFeed covers breaking news, produces an original video, and creates content that people want to share on the web. We have a global footprint with 18 cities around the world employing more than 1500 people including data scientists, engineers, reporters, video producers, brand strategists, and more.
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Minimum Spend $100000+
Commission Type CPM
Traffic Type Mobile Video, Social
Payment Frequency Bi-weekly, Net-30
Payment Method Paypal
Category Entertainment/ Food & Beverages/ Government & Politics/ Health & Beauty/ Sports/ Technology/ Travel & Leisure
Referrals %
Ad Serving Platform Kochava
Company Type Mobile App Publisher
Ad Verification
Approved 3rd Party Ad Serving Vendors Sizmek -
Data Partners
Employees 1001-5000 employees
Media Kit
Office Location New York
Owned/Operated Properties,
Programmatic Integrations & Inventory Partners
Self/Managed Service Managed Service
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Company Address 200 Fifth Ave. 8th Floor New York, NY 10010 United States of America Login to view detail
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Adriana Vendl [email protected]
Adrienne Smith [email protected]
Alana Biagioli [email protected]
Alana Schlifke Katzenberg [email protected]
Alex Bauguess alex.bauguess[email protected]
Alexis (Kaplan) Gibson [email protected]
Alex Tran [email protected]
Ali Dib [email protected]
Alison Flood [email protected]
Allie Einsidler [email protected]
Alli LoBello [email protected]
Ally Schwartz [email protected]
Amanda Warren [email protected]
Amber Latorre [email protected]
Amy Asciutto [email protected]
Andrea Manalese [email protected]
Andrea Mazey [email protected]
André Fabricio (Deco) [email protected]
Andrew Guendjoian [email protected]
Angelique Dalton [email protected]
Angie Chahin [email protected]
Ariel Dorfman [email protected]
Ariella Morik [email protected]
Ari Shahdadi [email protected]
Ashley Nesby [email protected]
Ashmeed Ali [email protected]
Ashton Abella [email protected]
Aubry Parks-Fried [email protected]
Austin Pollock [email protected]
Beau Kiniry
Bianca Camilleri [email protected]
Brant McLean [email protected]
Brendan Kelly [email protected]
Brendan Kelly [email protected]
Bret Kovacs [email protected]
Brittany James [email protected]
Brittany Zar [email protected]
Bruno Belardo [email protected]
Bryan Bamonte [email protected]
Candi Butzow [email protected]
Caroline Lee [email protected]
Casey McDevitt [email protected]
Catherine Pugliese
Céline Van Riemsdijk [email protected]
Charleen Ong [email protected]
Chloe Willems [email protected]
Christina Diaz [email protected]
Christine Issaq [email protected]
Christine Orlowsky (Leung) [email protected]
Chuck Lee [email protected]
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