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A prime mobile ad tech company, AppLift, enables mobile app advertisers to manage every stage of the app marketing lifecycle. A programmatic platform of AppLift, DataLift 360, enables advertisers to not only launch their apps but also grow and retain quality users from a single interface. App marketers can programmatically access all major mobile ad inventories worldwide through DataLift 360. They may also control their campaigns via a single proprietary technology platform, that provides extended targeting and audience management capabilities and advanced data integration as well.
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Minimum Spend $0
Commission Type % of Media Spend, CPC, CPI, CPM, CPV
Traffic Type Mobile Video, Social
Payment Frequency Net-30
Payment Method Paypal
Category Mobile Apps/ Technology
Referrals %
Ad Serving Platform Kochava
Company Type Demand Side Platform
Ad Verification N/A
Approved 3rd Party Ad Serving Vendors
Data Partners N/A
Employees 201-500 employees
Media Kit
Office Location HQed in Berlin. We also have offices in Seoul, Bangalore, Tokyo and Shanghai
Owned/Operated Properties
Programmatic Integrations & Inventory Partners
Self/Managed Service Self Service
Targeting Country, Platform, Device, Interest, Look-alike
Company Url
Company Address Rosenstraße 17 Berlin, 10178 Germany Login to view detail
Contact Details
Contact Name Designation Email Id
Adam Rotberg [email protected]
Alexandre Schweitzer [email protected]
Ali Nguyen [email protected]
Amelian Rupa [email protected]
Angela Lee Dominguez [email protected]
Angelika Dlugopolska [email protected]
Angelina Rina Matsuzaka [email protected]
Anna Schmitt [email protected]
Antonio Darszon [email protected]
Aparna Sosale [email protected]
Athul Kumar Shetty [email protected]
Avinash Srivastava [email protected]
Avinash Srivastava [email protected]
Ben Weinstock [email protected]
Bhavna Kaushal [email protected]
Camillo Rinaldi [email protected]
Chiara Garelli [email protected]
Christoph Godderidge [email protected]
Christoph Godderidge [email protected]
Clemente Sacchetti [email protected]
Clemente Sacchetti [email protected]
Clement Nevoret [email protected]
Cody Christie [email protected]
Diksha Sahni [email protected]
Ekaterina Zorina [email protected]
Ermanna Maiuri [email protected]
Evgeniia Pshenitcyna [email protected]
Frederik Lanwer [email protected]
Gaiar Baimuratov [email protected]
Gowri Priyadarshini [email protected]
Himanshu Dev [email protected]
Hongpan Zhou (周弘攀)
Hyeyoon Ashley Chung [email protected]
Hyeyoung Kim [email protected]
Ins Peluffo [email protected]
Iren Shmulenson [email protected]
Iryna Harmaza [email protected]
Iryna Yosyk [email protected]
Isaiah Jones [email protected]
Javier Richi [email protected]
Jean Marien [email protected]
Jeff Ott [email protected]
Johana Leeflang [email protected]
Jongwoo Hwang [email protected]
Jorge Sandoval [email protected]
Jun Lim [email protected]
Justus Kneise [email protected]
Kamila Fatkullina [email protected]
Karina Kominek [email protected]
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