Adwords (now Google Ads)
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Adwords (now Google Ads) is an advertising platform developed by Google that puts your brand in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. Founded in 1998, Google is the world’s biggest information organizer and has made this information universally accessible and useful. Google has grown over the years; it now offers search in multiple languages, offers numerous products and services, ranging from various forms of advertising to web applications for all kinds of tasks. Starting from two computer science students in a university dorm room, Google now has thousands of employees and offices across the world. It has come a long way since the first Google search engine appeared. But one thing has remained constant that is our resolve towards our users and our faith in the myriad possibilities of the internet itself.
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Minimum Spend $1-$500
Commission Type CPC, CPI, CPM, CPV, Pay Per Call
Traffic Type Connected TV, Email, Mobile Diisplay, Mobile Video, Native, Search, Social, Web Display, Web Video
Payment Frequency Prepay
Payment Method Credit Card, eWallet
Category Automotive/ Clothing & Fashion/ Consumer Goods/ Dating/ E-commerce/ Education/ Energy & Utilities/ Entertainment/ Finance/ Food & Beverages/ Games/ Government & Politics/ Health & Beauty/ Non-profit/ Retail/ Sports/ Technology/ Travel & Leisure
Referrals %
Ad Serving Platform Kochava
Company Type Ad Exchange/ Ad Network/ Ad Technology Provider/ Demand Side Platform/ Mobile App Publisher / Retargeting/ Supply Side Platform/ YouTube MCN/ Other
Ad Verification IRI, Oracle Data Cloud, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, comScore, DoubleVerify, IAS, MOAT, and Nielsen
Approved 3rd Party Ad Serving Vendors Sizmek -
Data Partners LiveRamp
Employees 10001+ employees
Media Kit
Office Location
Owned/Operated Properties, waze, adwhirl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Programmatic Integrations & Inventory Partners Unity
Self/Managed Service Self Service
Targeting Retargeting (GDN) Keyword, Contextual, Specific Sites/Pages, Demographic, Remarketing, Interest Categories. (AdMob) Device, Geographic, Operator, Demographic, Categories. (Youtube) Demographic, Geographic, Language, Keyword, Video Cateogry/Content Packs, Interest Category Marketing, Individual Videos & Channels, Remarketing, User Type & Uploader
Company Url
Company Address 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 United States of America Login to view detail
Contact Details
Contact Name Designation Email Id
Aanand Mohapatra [email protected]
Aaron Boekestein [email protected]
Aaron McGraw [email protected]
Aashka S.
Abby Loar [email protected]
Abby McGuckin [email protected]
Abhinav Bhatnagar [email protected]
Abhinav Khanka [email protected]
Abhishek Chopde [email protected]
Abigail Mitchell [email protected]
Abra Jones
Adam Alter [email protected]
Adam Berlew [email protected]
Adam Click [email protected]
Adam Deer [email protected]
Adam Deif
Adam Dren [email protected]
Adam Eichner [email protected]
Adam Fried [email protected]
Adam Greenberg [email protected]
Adam Guthrie [email protected]
Adam Hetherington [email protected]
Adam Jones
Adam Liss [email protected]
Adam Noren [email protected]
Adam Roberts [email protected]
Adam Saul
Adam Walsh
Adam Yellin [email protected]
Adi Bedekar [email protected]
Aditi Manwani [email protected]
Aditya Chabra [email protected]
Aditya Joshi [email protected]
Adriana Thomsen
Adrian Barajas [email protected]
Adrián Carné ➤ Digital Marketing And Sales
Adrian Conley [email protected]
Adrian Kielich [email protected]
Adrian Lairet [email protected]
Adrian Vallelonga [email protected]
Adrien CERON [email protected]
Adrienne Buhmann [email protected]
Adrienne Clem [email protected]
Adrien Passerieux [email protected]
Afshin Shams
Agnieszka Hryniewicz-Bieniek
Ahmed Ali [email protected]
Ahmet Kutsi TOPALOÄžLU [email protected]
Aidan Kenny [email protected]
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