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Adform, an independent and leading open full stack advertising technology platform was founded in 2002 in Denmark, is an independent advertising technology company that is one of the world’s largest. It encompasses trading, creativity, and data into a unified and seamless enterprise producing suite servicing media agencies advertisers and trading desk. All our products are easily inter-operable and modular with all other point solutions that are used throughout the digital advertising ecosystem. Adform has more than 780 employees around the globe with offices in 18 countries across North America, Europe, and APAC. For more information, please visit or
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Minimum Spend
Commission TypeCPC, CPM
Traffic TypeDesktop Display, Desktop Video, Mobile Display
Payment Frequency
Payment Method
Referrals %
Ad Serving PlatformAdAtrix
Company TypeAd Server/ Demand Side Platform/ Retargeting
Ad Verification
Approved 3rd Party Ad Serving VendorsSizmek -
Data PartnersLiveRamp
Employees501-1000 employees
Media Kit
Office LocationHQ: Antwerpen. Also: Copenhagen, London, Milano, Madrid, Prague, Vilnius, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki.
Programmatic Integrations & Inventory Partners
Self/Managed ServiceSelf Service
TargetingRetargetting, Cookie List, Third-Party Data (Age, Gender, Income Level), Mobile (Device, Device Brand, Geography), Contextual, Search Targetting.
Company Url
Company AddressHovedvagtsgade 6, 2. Copenhagen K, 1103 Denmark Login to view detail
Contact Details
Contact NameDesignationEmail Id
Adel Saadi [email protected]
Agne Valatkaite [email protected]
Aivaras Å iurkus
Alexandre Benavides Silva [email protected]
Alex Berger [email protected]
Allan Olesen [email protected]
Andrea Bystričanová [email protected]
Andreas Akesson [email protected]
Andreas Dooley [email protected]
Andreas Kemper [email protected]
Andrej Ruckij [email protected]
Andrius Katinas [email protected]
Anish Rohan Shah ACIM [email protected]
Antonello Sessa [email protected]
Arturas Artiusenka [email protected]
Audrius Janulis [email protected]
Aytekin Demirtas [email protected]
Bailey Kennedy [email protected]
Barbora JanulionytÄ— [email protected]
Bartosz Malinowski [email protected]
Bas Seelen [email protected]
Benno Kayser [email protected]
Carl Hamnede [email protected]
Carlos Fernandez [email protected]
Cecilie Roe [email protected]
Cem Eroglu [email protected]
Christian Mikkelsen [email protected]
Christoph Berg [email protected]
Christoph Hülser [email protected]
Clara De Rosa [email protected]
Claus Østerby [email protected]
Dan Barber [email protected]
Daniela Forzinetti [email protected]
Daniele Costenaro [email protected]
Dan Jones [email protected]
Davide Ingrassia [email protected]
David Hillier [email protected]
David Roland [email protected]
Donatas LauciÅ«nas [email protected]
Elia Chicote [email protected]
Elina Manner [email protected]
Emidio Moscatelli [email protected]
Erik Salinger [email protected]
Evelina SimaÅ¡kaitÄ— [email protected]
Fernando Davila [email protected]
Filip Waenerlund [email protected]
Fiona Fleur [email protected]
Francesco Bagnato [email protected]
Gabrielė Kašauskaitė
Gediminas Kybartas [email protected]
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