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AdColony is one of the largest video advertising platforms in the world with a reach of more than 1.4 billion users globally. We have won the trust of Fortune 500 brands along with the world’s top grossing mobile publishers. We offer unparalleled 3rd party verified viewability rates with cutting edge Instant- Playa, HD video technology, and propriety rich media format. Also, our performance in the global advertising business, a programmatic marketplace with an extensive ad SDK reach in topnotch 1000 apps worldwide, has helped brands connect with the consumers at large on their screens. AdColony, a fully owned subsidiary of Othello Corporation ASA, with over 20 offices worldwide, is a global organization.
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Commission Type CPA, CPC, CPCV, CPI, CPM, CPS, Pay Per Call
Traffic Type Mobile Diisplay, Mobile Video, Native, Social
Payment Frequency Net-30
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Category Automotive/ Clothing & Fashion/ Consumer Goods/ E-commerce/ Entertainment/ Food & Beverages/ Games/ Health & Beauty/ Retail/ Sports/ Technology/ Travel & Leisure
Referrals %
Ad Serving Platform Kochava
Company Type Ad Exchange/ Ad Network/ Ad Server/ Ad Technology Provider/ Demand Side Platform/ Supply Side Platform/ Other
Ad Verification MOAT, IAS, DoubleVerify, Nielsen, mDAR, comScore, VCE, Most other partners
Approved 3rd Party Ad Serving Vendors We support most major ad servers and creative platforms
Data Partners Multiple; LiveRamp
Employees 350 employees
Media Kit
Office Location California, Beijing, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Gurgaon, Istanbul, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Seoul, Singapore, and Stockholm
Owned/Operated Properties,,,,,,
Programmatic Integrations & Inventory Partners We own and operate one of the leading mobile ad exchanges - The AdColony Marketplace and are certified with most major DSPs
Self/Managed Service Self Service
Targeting Audience, Contextual, Behavioral, Demographic, Retargeting, Sequential, Geographic, Day-parting, Device, ConnectionNetwork Survey Data, 3rd Party Partnerships, Geographic, Demographic, Contextual, Time of Day, Device, Audience. Categories: Games, News, Entertainment, Communications, Sports, Utilities, Music
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Company Address 11400 W. Olympic Blvd., 12th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90064 Login to view detail
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Alp Kaya [email protected]
Amit Rathi [email protected]
Anthony Dimayuga [email protected]
Areeb Ahmad [email protected]
Becky Hua [email protected]
Brian Mackey [email protected]
Chris Gonzales [email protected]
Daniel Uhm [email protected]
David Pokress [email protected]
Doug Manson [email protected]
Erdi Vahid [email protected]
Erik Harlow [email protected]
Erin Venables [email protected]
Fannie Tang [email protected]
Fernando Pernica [email protected]
Herman Leung [email protected]
Injun Jung [email protected]
Ä°pek Berker Ä°[email protected]
Jackie Iovino Vignone [email protected]
James Vela james[email protected]
Jessi Kizer [email protected]
Jesus Suarez [email protected]
Johanna Nymberg [email protected]
John English [email protected]
Jonathan Harrop [email protected]
Jude O'Connor [email protected]
Julia H.
Justin H.
Justin Welter [email protected]
Kellyn Wong [email protected]
Kendra Allen [email protected]
Laura Hoff [email protected]
Li Ma [email protected]
Liza Murphy [email protected]
Liz Waldeck Pinckert [email protected]
Maggie Chen [email protected]
Marcus Gaines [email protected]
Mark Korsmann [email protected]
Martin Willadsen [email protected]
Matt Woods [email protected]
Mimmie Ong [email protected]
Monica Turrey [email protected]
Morten Kaspersen [email protected]
Nadine Jarrard [email protected]
Natan Cohen [email protected]
Natan Cohen [email protected]
Nathan Boyer [email protected]
Nick Kramskoy [email protected]
Nick Kramskoy [email protected]
Nicolas Bouchet [email protected]
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