Ultimate List Of The Best Ad Networks In 2020
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Posted On: February 22, 2020
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On the off chance that you’ve been working as an affiliate for any time, you’ve most likely known about ad network.

If not, at that point, stay!

Right now, going to give the scoop on precisely what advertisement networks are, and why you need one to promote your offers.

We’re going to take a gander at the various sorts of cost models, just as the targeting options and advertising mediums you can use for your campaigns.

We additionally audit probably the best ad networks accessible to advertisers and publishers that you can use to get excellent, low-cost traffic, in any speciality, and obviously to make money!

You’re most likely additionally inspired by which advertisement networks are working right now for affiliate campaigns.

So, we’re going to concentrate more on that part of the business, as opposed to how brand advertisers or publishers may utilize advertisement networks to promote their services through campaign objectives.

We’ll remain concentrated on the best way to utilize ad networks to get converting traffic to your offers, regardless of whether that be an email submit or sweepstake, cost-per-install, new user registration or something different.

What are Ad Networks and Why You Need One

For beginners to the game, the quantity of accessible advertisement network to look over can be overwhelming.

You might be wondering where to begin or how to cut through all the noise to discover brilliant chances.

Yet, this wasn’t generally the situation.

While advertisement networks have consistently existed in some structure, things were a lot less complex and far less competitive before the online business model we are presently acquainted with.

This is best represented by taking a gander at the print world.

Publishers of magazines and other print materials have committed advertising sections, for example, full page, half page or intro page advertisement slots you can buy to advertise your offers.

This would commonly include booking your ad space ahead of time with the publication and paying a set charge for the advertisement slot for the duration of the print run.

This is an over-simplification of the procedure; however, it serves to get the point over that booking advertisement space in a publication is a generally direct undertaking.

Be that as it may, what happens when you factor in a site with more than 1 million day by day impressions and various ad spaces on each page, including extra arrangements like rich media, pop-unders, and native or contextual links?

Out of nowhere, our straightforward business model gets difficult to manage.

While the publisher may fill, it’s premium ad slots the customary way, by selling advertising space using an immediate deals group or programmatically, they are as yet bound to have a lot of unsold stock which doesn’t get filled.

This remainder inventory comprises of non-premium impressions, which are regularly sold as bundled impressions to the highest bidder.

Furthermore, that is the place advertisement networks come in!

An advertisement network, at its fundamental level, connect purchasers and sellers in an online commercial centre by aggregating supply and demand.

They are answerable for purchasing remnant inventory from the publisher and circulating this inventory through impressions to advertisers.

They go about as a dealer among supply and demand.

A publisher may even utilize at least two premium advertisement networks to fill all their accessible remnant inventory not filled by direct deals and utilize a remnant inventory provider, for example, Adwords to ensure every one of their impressions get filled.

This training is known as waterfalling and guarantees that inventory is sold for the most elevated rate accessible at that point.

Today, we’ve made considerable progress from when digital advertisement networks first began, back in the 90s.

Advertisement networks are presently ready to utilize the present tech to target clients dependent on interests, behaviours, GEOs and parts more other than.

Impressions are served using RTB platforms which give inventory to advertisers on a sale premise, where you contend with different advertisers progressively for the advertisement slot.

So how about we take a gander at what business models exist among advertisement networks and how you can utilize them to enhance your ad campaigns and begin making those delicious benefits!

Advertising Business Models

Advances in advertisement network innovation haven’t recently been on the publisher’s side.

It’s additionally been tied in with conveying as a lot of significant worth for the advertiser while picking their situations and amplifying the estimation of their advertisement spend.

This is incredible news for affiliate marketers, as it’s opened up an entire universe of potential to arrive at their intended audience with enticing offers.

Yet, before we find a workable pace, presumably observed abbreviations, for example, CPM, CPC, CPV, PPV, and so on, and you might be wondering which cost model is right for you.

All things considered; the appropriate response is it depends!

While commonly a CPM (cost-per-mile or thousand) cost model is the most broadly utilized, it’s not going to work for your offers.


All things considered because you would prefer consistently not to be paying for impressions.

Let me clarify.

In CPM campaigns, you’ll get 1,000 impressions at a fixed cost.

Presently, this will contrast contingent upon the advertisement network and campaign targeting options.

This implies, as you won’t be paying for clicks, you can get an awesome ROI, given that your impressions are drawing in a high CTR.

With the CPC model, you just compensation each time somebody clicks on your advertisement.

This is frequently better for CPA affiliates, as you don’t risk overspending on your campaign – and pay for clicks to your lander.

Be that as it may, some targeting options may be accessible with a CPM cost model – and the other way around.

You’ll additionally discover networks offering a CPL or CPA cost model, which is likewise extraordinary for affiliates as it fits straightforwardly into their campaign objectives.

For this cost model, you will bid on actions the client takes on your landing page, so you pay for the traffic that converts.

In a perfect world, you need to take a gander at running your advertisements on networks with the two choices accessible to you, so you can test which performs best for your offers and which is the most practical for your campaigns.

Ad Networks with Powerful Targeting Capabilities

Perhaps the best thing about ad networks, as we probably are aware them today, is that they give you full control, not just over the value levels of your advertisements yet additionally over the placements and targeting options.

For affiliate marketers, particularly, this is where things begin to get truly intriguing!

The capacity to target explicit audience for various advertisement campaigns and select classes, for example, age, gender, GEOs, devices, and so on, is a genuine distinct advantage for affiliates.

Some portion of the motivation behind an ad network is to give information to the publisher, so they can follow which placements are by and large completely used, which ones are creating the most clicks and which audience are being targeted.

Nonetheless, this equivalent information is additionally accessible to advertisers, and it’s this targeting on the potential that ad networks give that is so alluring to affiliate marketers.

Also, as ad networks keep on giving an ever-increasing number of important services to publishers, they rise above their job of being essentially an alternative to fill remnant inventory and become an extra wellspring of premium traffic to publisher sites.

This extension of their services is the thing that gives them so much additional possibility to affiliates, who can utilize this to discover extraordinarily worthwhile ad slots at very serious costs.

So, what is a portion of the upgraded targeting options affiliate can profit by?

Contingent upon your advertisement network, you’ll discover a lot of highlights you can use to set up your campaign targeting.

Types of Targeting

Here are the most important targeting options you’ll find on ad networks:

  • GEO
  • Platform
  • Device
  • Carrier
  • Publisher domains
  • Keywords
  • Time of day
  • Browser / OS
  • Retargeting
  • Categories
  • Audiences
  • Interests
  • Age
  • Gender

Some advertisement networks may furthermore permit run of all sites on the network (RON), or you can target explicit publisher spaces to run your ads which are non-class explicit (ROS).

Next, you’ll need to determine your financial limit and frequency capping for the campaign.

The network at that point encourages the execution of the campaign through network tags that are put on the publisher’s site.

Utilizing this technology, you’ll likewise have the option to turn banners to show inside your chosen targeting options and split test your advertisements to locate the best performing creatives for your campaign.

At last, an ad network gives an advantageous detailing and estimation platform which you can use to assess your expense and engagement.

Also, that is as one with the numerous channels you can advertise on, including display, video, mobile, social, search, pops, native and push advertising campaigns, each with their targeting options.

So on the off chance that you have a campaign you are running on native advertisement networks, you can give it a shot on push ad networks, and the other way around, to see which one plays out the best for your offer.

You’ll additionally need to part test your campaigns by attempting distinctive targeting options for your creatives to see which ones are helping or hindering your progress.

Advertisement networks give you a central platform to break down your information over different publishers and assist you with assembling reports for the campaign to distinguish zones of solidarity and weakness.

If you locate a specific creative is performing admirably with a specific traffic source for your targeted interest groups, you can quit running the ads which are not bringing your results and focus all the more advertisement spend on the ads with a high CTR.

Continue checking AdNetworksHub Academy for more tips and tricks on the most proficient method to run a productive campaign.

Here is the list of the best ad networks for advertisers and publishers.

List of The Best Ad Networks for Internet Marketers

1. PropellerAds

Checkout PropellerAds Here



Checkout MGID Here


3. Adcash

Checkout AdCash Here


4. RichPush

Checkout RichPush Here


5. Clickadu

Checkout Clickadu Here


6. Zeropark

Checkout ZeroPark Here


7. EvaDav

Checkout EvaDav Here


8. PopAds

Checkout PopAds Here


9. PlugRush

Checkout PlugRush Here


10. Mobidea Push

Checkout MobIdea Here


11. MegaPush

Checkout MegaPush Here


12. DatsPush

Checkout DatsPush Here


13. SelfAdvertiser

Checkout SelfAdvertiser Here


14. ExoClick

Checkout ExoClick Here


15. AdMaven

Checkout AdMaven Here


16. PopCash

Checkout PopCash Here


17. TrafficStars

Checkout TrafficStars Here


18. TrafficFactory

Checkout TrafficFactory Here


19. TrafficForce

Checkout TrafficForce Here


With all the ongoing advances in the ad serving innovation, there will never have been a superior time for advertisers to get involved.

Also, with innovation continually showing up, things are just going to improve.

The capacity to control your valuing structure and utilize a savvy bidding strategy for your ads, alongside laser targeted on division, has made advertisement networks a basic apparatus for affiliates.

The advantages ad networks give far exceed the options of reaching publishers straightforwardly.

You should store your assets, set your campaign goals and targeting objectives, load up your creatives and watch as the money comes in!

Alright, it may not be very that easy to get a gainful campaign, yet the procedure itself is genuinely direct and simple enough for newcomers to get their heads around.

Besides, with such a significant number of advertisement networks indirect challenge, you’ll regularly discover ad networks represent considerable authority in one area, for example, adult, pops or push notification.

It’s your activity as an affiliate to play to the qualities of the advertisement network to discover which ones will deliver high performing campaigns for your offers.

It’s conceivable to begin on most of the networks on this list for a moderately low deposit amount and begin testing the quality of the traffic.

When you get more understanding, begin to scale things up and take a gander at extra traffic sources and look at the performance stats of each campaign.

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