7 Best Travel Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers
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Posted On: September 10, 2020
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You will be having a hard time finding people who dislike travelling. To millions, travelling is just like having total freedom; freedom from the daily life monotony, daily cacophony and what not!

Talking about travelling, you just need to have a special place to respect all the travel bloggers because they bring the travelling experience to life. Also, because blogging while travelling is not that easy as the final blog seems and then there are monetization issues.

Travel blogging has become a popular and profitable segment, especially to those bloggers, who get sponsorships for travelling. However, not everyone is lucky enough to reach that point and that is where the affiliate marketing programs come handy.

Well, not just affiliate marketing, there are also various other ways of bringing on the monetization game viz. Google AdSense, Media.net, Ezoic, Viglink, Direct Ad Sales, Selling eBooks, Merchandise sales and so on.

So, in this post, you will be reading about the top seven affiliate marketing programs for travel bloggers that can help them in their monetization. If you are familiar with affiliate marketing, then this list is going to be very helpful to you.


  1. Try Out The Affiliate Program By Booking.com

You must have heard about Booking.com, which is a popular and familiar name in the industry. They are an online travel agency famous for hotel reservations and they have more than 28 million listings available.

Talking about their affiliate program, they have one open and accessible to anyone having a travel agency, an app, a website or a blog. So, if you have a blog or blogging website, you can give them a try if you can offer them the best options of accommodations.

Key Details:

  • The sign-up process is easy and free
  • They offer search box, deep linking and also banner integration options
  • The minimum payout is of 100 Euros
  • You can get the payout through PayPal.
  • You can also integrate Booking.com’s search box with your WordPress blog
  • They work on a commission split model which is offer based. Refer below

Checkout Booking.com Here

  1. Try Out The Affiliate Program By TripAdvisor

If you have heard about what TripAdvisor does, then you know that besides being an online reservation website, they offer you hundreds and thousands of traveller reviews and opinions. To know what’s best for you, you can connect with their website to get the best deals possible and also the best ideas and recommendations of the travelling spot and the hotels.

Now, their affiliate program is somewhat different from the last one. In TripAdvisor’s affiliate program, you can source content from their official website as you want. From there, you can link your readers back to the original content using the tracking link that you will have.

Key Details:

  • Joining TripAdvisor’s affiliate program, you can get around 50% of the commission
  • Their deep linking service extends to over 5 lakh cities and hotels
  • Their tiered commission structure is quite beneficial to travellers
  • They have monthly payout options for you

Checkout TripAdvisor Here

  1. Try Out The Affiliate Program By Agoda

Just for your info, Agoda is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing online travel booking and reservation platforms. Ever since it started back in Singapore in 2005, today it has grown large enough to offer a global network of around 2 million properties in over 200 countries and places globally.

Agoda’s affiliate program for travellers is open for everyone and all that you need to have is a website or blog. Talking about the approval, it is a manual process and can take around 48-72 hours approx.

Key Details:

  • Agoda affiliate program offers up to 60% commission on margin
  • You can get search box, text links and even data feeds
  • You can use ‘hotel power ads’ if you want to increase your revenue by three times more
  • The minimum payout here is around $200
  • The payout mode is traditional and hence is direct bank transfer

Checkout Agoda Here

  1. Try Out The Affiliate Program By Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a great travel search engine for those who want to plan and then execute their journey. You can download their mobile app because it is helpful for travellers.

For your travel blog, Skyscanner offers several features like the ‘Travel Widget’, which is the best of them all. Then you can use the ‘Skyscanner travel API’ to build customised search functionality.

Key Details:

  • They offer you white-label solutions for having the option for flight searches on your website
  • They have one of the most detailed reference systems
  • They support flight, hotel and rental car bookings

Checkout Skyscanner Here

  1. Try Out The Airbnb Referral Program

If you are thinking what a referral program is, well they are the other side of the same coin i.e. of affiliate programs. In a referral program, you do not earn cash but get points or other such non-monetary stuff. You can use that to buy products on the same network if you wish.

Check out the differences & similarities below:

Airbnb is a great referral program that gets you a decent amount of money just by referring other users.

Key Details:

  • Earn up to $72 for every successful referral
  • Earn a maximum of $5000 travel credit per account
  • Referral links are easy to share
  • They have a good reputation in the industry, which makes them good for travel income

Checkout AirBnb Here

  1. Try Out The ShareASale Affiliate Marketplace

You can find top affiliate programs in ShareASale under any niche. Most of the famous and popular airlines, hotels and other travelling services are available via ShareASale.

Key Details:

  • Payment is traditional i.e. direct bank deposit
  • You can reach minimum payout faster than in-house affiliate programs

Checkout ShareASale Here

  1. Try Out The Amazon Affiliate Program

Without Amazon’s affiliate program on the list, it feels incomplete. Amazon is the top choice when it comes to online buying. You can understand how big their reputation is, which makes it easier for you to earn money with them.

Key Details:

  • Their highly reputed network makes it easy to find tons of videos guiding you
  • They have numerous products, related to travelling
  • You get higher commissions as you refer to more and more users

Checkout Amazon Here

There are also other ways to earn monetize your blogs as said before but the top seven affiliate programs are some of the best ways.

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