Learn How To Promote Your YouTube Channel And Videos
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Posted On: September 10, 2020
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With technological advancements and social changes, professions of modern approach are becoming more and more popular. Among such modern professions, a prominent one is being a YouTuber. You may already have a YouTube channel or planning to open up one soon. But the thing is, if you want to become a successful YouTuber, there are a lot of aspects to look into.

If you already have a channel on YouTube and want to increase your subscriber counts and views on your video, this article is meant for you. Even if you do not have a channel at the moment and planning to open up soon, these tips will surely come in handy in time.

The Primary Aspects To Consider

As said earlier, being a successful YouTuber requires dedication and effort in various aspects. Let us take a quick glance at the most significant points to assess the needs of this field. The first and foremost thing is the content.

If something matters the most for your YouTube channel, it is the type of content you are serving, and the way you deliver it to the viewers. Creating and presenting informative, entertaining content shall never go unrewarded on YouTube.

Apart from content, there are also a lot more things to look into. You have to market your videos creatively. Without proper promotion, all the time and effort you put into videos will go in vain. Your work needs good exposure to the audience.

Otherwise, the majority of the viewers would not even know about your videos. If you wish to be A YouTuber everyone watches, follow the techniques mentioned below. With hearty efforts in the right direction, your views would grow into Millions

What To Do And How To Do It?

Promotion of YouTube videos is an art. With a little attention and discipline, you can master this marketing art as well. Let us walk through the techniques and strategies involved in the process. These are tested and proven methods to grow your subscriber and view counts.

The steps are as follows:

1. Optimize The Title Of Your Video For Maximum Clicks

The video title is a significant decisive factor. This determined whether it gets a wide exposure or only able to generate a few views. Thus, you must put some research and thought while finalizing the titles of your videos. The best thing to do is a proper YouTube keyword research. This would help you learn what people want to see. Thus, you can create great titles that attract people’s attention.

Here are a few tips to craft good video titles.

  • Keep the titles short and precise.
  • Add the present year if possible.
  • Try to make the titles eye-catching while sticking to the point.
  • Use powerful words like best incredible awesome etcetera.
  • Try to add words that can trigger emotionally, such as passionate, sensual, censored etcetera.
  • Capitalize the headline title.

2. Make Good Use Of The 500 Character Limit Of Video Tags

Incorrect or inappropriate usage of video tags can obstruct the organic promotion of your YouTube videos. The tagging process of YouTube is different from that of a blog post. You must put your attention to the YouTube tagging if you wish to grow as a YouTuber.

A few conventions to follow while making your video tags are as follows. Go through them to understand it better. You can even edit the tags of your previous videos to make them get more exposure.

  • Try to include a distinctive branded tag. This would make your videos shown in the related videos section.
  • Always use the main keywords as video tags.
  • Take aid from the YouTube auto-suggest feature and use a variety of your keywords as tags.
  • Find the popular tags used by high ranking YouTube videos and use them in your videos.

3. Use Appropriate Custom Thumbnails For Your Videos

Custom thumbnail features are great for verified YouTube accounts. If you can create good video thumbnails your videos will inevitably generate more views. From search results to related video section, people will notice the thumbnail and click to watch your videos. Look at the tips given below to know how to create perfect thumbnails.

  • Have a 1280×720 resolution with a minimum of 640 pixels width.
  • Upload in .jpg, .png, .gif or .bmp format.
  • Try to keep its size under 2 MB.
  • Try to upload it in 16:9 aspect ratio, the most used aspect ratio for YouTube previews and players.
  • Use the thumbnail to evoke the viewer’s interest.
  • Do not add misleading or unnecessary information in the thumbnail.

4. Use Intro & Outro Videos

Branding is an important thing. If you wish to make your videos stand out, you must use branding techniques. Adding intro and outro to your videos is great for this purpose. Now let’s learn a few things about intro and outro of YouTube videos.

The intro can be defined as a short (3-5 seconds) clip that runs at the beginning of your videos. The outro is also a similar short video clip that runs at the end of the video. You can create your own intro clip using video editing software. The branded intro is great for your channel’s image. The outro can be as simple as showcasing your related videos or asking for likes and subscribes. Speaking about branding, create a good logo to make your channel look and feel like a high rated one.

5. Share Your Videos On Social Media Platforms

You should have social media handles for your YouTube channel, especially if you are a video blogger. This way you can spread the word and create communities for your channel beyond YouTube. You can redirect this traffic from the social media platforms to grow your subscriber count.

Promote your YouTube channel and videos in these platforms for maximum exposure:

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter profile
  • Instagram profile
  • Pinterest profile

Keep sharing your videos at regular intervals in these social media platforms. You will be amazed to see the results if this is done properly.

Also, you can try SocialPilot to schedule videos to be shared on your social media channels.


There are also many other ways to make your channel grow. Call out to your existing subscribers for likes and shares, start a blog for your channel, interview social media influencers from your niche. Create playlists or add videos to existing playlists. Follow these basic guidelines, create original and useful or entertaining content and you are sure to grow into a popular YouTuber whom everyone loves to watch.

Authored By: Admin