How To Setup Winning Push Notification Campaign With MGID
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Posted On: February 14, 2020
Category: Mobile Marketing
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Push Notification is demonstrated to be a viable method to connect more users and promote your item in a not intrusive way.

Users are offered to subscribe to it when they open another site. It is up to the client, regardless of whether they need to decline or accept it. In the wake of getting the assent of the client, MGID appoints them an ID number and afterwards sends them push-notification.

Push notification is a clickable message that shows up from an application or site on your gadget that is normally incorporated with the subject of the site.

A month ago, MGID delivered more than 400 million push notification around the world, however, it’s not the volume that is amazing, it’s the high calibre of attracted leads and the developing number of conversion rates. In addition, working available for over 10 years, MGID is working with in excess of 22 000 publishers that furnish us with top-notch traffic. The database for push notification is continually being refreshed, so MGID is sending notification just to important users.

Today we are prepared to share some practical bits of knowledge of making and running push notification campaign.

After you have set up your campaign, the time has come to upload creatives. Consider that each push notification has three fundamental components:

The Text – It is essentially the message that is remembered for the notification. In this way, if I convey a notification about another blog entry, the text could be a title or short story.

The Image – Notifications can have images related with them. I utilize a similar image for everybody (my profile pic), yet you can switch things up on the off chance that you need to (I like to keep things basic).

The Link – The purpose of notifications is to drive traffic to explicit pages. Each notification has a link related to it.


  • Guarantee your load time is fast, as users are not prepared to stand by in excess of a couple of moments for push notification to be opened.
  • Make all the navigation buttons, call-to-actions, service terms, and conditions clear, attractive and simple to utilize.
  • Remember that Push Notification must be short with a reasonable source of inspiration.
  • Separate your landing page including a concise description and preparative call to action. Such vital moves will make your visitors intrigued and low the bounce rate.


  • No multiple redirects
  • No vibration pop-ups as they will, in general, pester users a lot.

How to start Push Notifications campaign via our platform?

1. After logging into the MGID Dashboard push “Add campaign”.

2. Using the drop-down menu fill in each field

3. In order to reach the audience from a particular region use the Targeting section of your dashboard; Mind that you can include the GEOs as well as exclude them from your targeting list.

4. Firstly, choose the GEO and confirm using the blue arrow.

5. After the GEOs are confirmed, your targeting options will be displayed in the “Selected” field.

6. You may target the users of a particular browser confirming this option the same way you chose the GEO.

7. If you consider targeting the users with a specific browser language, we strongly recommend consulting your manager. He/she will guide you through this.

8. To hit the users of a particular OS and its versions select the OS versions.

9. After all the steps are completed, push the “Confirm” button and you’ll see a wider interface where you can schedule the time your campaign is live, as well as the daily limits by budget, clicks or conversions.

Along these lines, if you’ve never attempted MGID push notification advertisements, it’s about time that you did — for two or three reasons.

As a matter of first importance, they’ve demonstrated their viability:

  • Push notifications convey your ad message continuously.
  • Have higher CTR contrasted with other ad groups.
  • Try not to get trapped in spam channels.
  • Help to hold and reconnect users.
Authored By: Admin