Earn Money For Life With These 9 Recurring Affiliate Programs
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Posted On: August 1, 2020
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Want to earn enough money even while being on the autopilot mode? With the benefits of affiliate marketing, yes you can do that.

Quite easily, it has become one of the most popular sectors of people looking to make easy money.

You can sit back and relax while you receive recurring income. Perhaps, there are some things you need to know and thankfully, this blog will help you in that –

How Will You Get Recurring Commission Through Affiliate Marketing?

Sounds confusing but the reality of affiliate marketing is that easy, you will know, how. Sequentially, it starts right after you recommend a monthly membership program or service to a person. Wait until he pays the recurring payment in the next month for that service or program. Oh, that is all about it and yes, you get your fixed commission. Not just for a month or two, you can enjoy it as long as the company’s policy validity lasts.

Is There Any Subsidiary Factor Working Behind?

You must have been thinking about that ‘autopilot’ mode. If that is so, you probably know that even the autopilot system needs to have a systematic implementation. Put the same here because your products or services need to receive meek admiration of the public. To open it up, the quality is the one that takes control of your fate.

Well, you will not have to worry about quality. These affiliate-marketing programs mentioned below are going to grab the grub for you. You can have one more doubt i.e. whether a single payout is better than recurring payments. For now, you need to understand that both of them have their pros and cons.

Here are the nine best affiliate programs for you –

  1. Check Out The ‘SEMRUSH Affiliate Program’

Are you looking for an affiliate program that offers high-end tools and great credibility? SEMrush is one of those grounds of affiliate marketing, where you can expect to see new features every week. How cool is that to get as much as up to 40% of recurring commission for your subscription sales! This makes SEMrush one of the most lucrative options when it comes to recurring commissions.

Have you checked out their SEO segment yet? Do check that out because it is by far the best in the industry. They have PayPal and Wire transfer options as means of payout.


Checkout SEMRush Here


  1. Try The ‘SocialPilot Affiliate Program’

Do you need an affiliate program for bloggers and entrepreneurs? Look no more when you have SocialPilot’s Social Media automation tool in your baggage. The perfect tool for Social Media enthusiasts is also the most relieving tool for them. Wondering why you read that, well, you can have the ease of scheduling different Social Media updates. Adding to that, you can even go for an autopilot mode using RSS, where your posts will update automatically.

Replying to your next question – “what commission will I get”, you can expect a decent commission up to 30%. Do not forget about the added payments, which you will get when any user shifts to a paid account. PayPal is your payout option with a minimum payout of $25.


Checkout SocialPilot Here


  1. The ‘LiveChat Affiliate Program’ Leads In Chat Support

Whenever you visit a new website, what do you look for when you need some on-spot assistance? Of course, the live chat feature assists you in looking for a solution to your problem. With more and more businesses on the verge of growing bigger, having live support on the website is something important these days.

LiveChat is the leader in this live support or chat department. You can expect a fair affiliate commission of about 20%, for a lifetime. You will not find problems regarding payout when PayPal is the gateway.


Checkout LiveChat Here


  1. Internet Marketers Should Try The ‘LeadPages Recurring Affiliate Program’

For all you internet marketers, LeadPages is the best affiliate program to choose. Using their tool, anyone can create a landing page and just add it on their chosen platform. Talking about the chosen platforms, think of any popular platform like WordPress or Drupal.

Even from an end user’s perspective, it is a worthy investment. Now, getting back to the affiliate program, you can earn up to 30% of a lifetime commission. However, you do need to be one of their customers to get into their affiliate program.


Checkout LeadPages Here


  1. ‘Aweber Marketing Affiliate Program’ Is Old But Popular

For bloggers and affiliate marketer looking for high conversions, you can look down upon Aweber. They have some of the oldest, yet popular email-marketing tools for the best email marketing solution for the said people. They offer a 30 days trial, which will be just enough for you to understand what you can expect. Although there are minute chances of getting disappointed, the only thing that can trouble is the way of payout. Oh, you can get a good 30% lifetime commission from the affiliate program.


Checkout Aweber Here


  1. ‘GetResponse Affiliate Program’ Is An Alternative You Should Try

Just in case, Aweber’s affiliate program does not meet your satisfaction, you can try GetResponse. Pretty much you get everything as same as what you would in Aweber except for the commission amount. Well, you can get about 33% of a lifetime commission, which is quite good as per the industry standards. The same 30 days trial make you decide whether you are going to stick or move on to something else. And yes, payout methods are a bonus here because you can receive both by cheque and PayPal.


Checkout GetResponse Here


  1. Try Out The ‘ConvertKit Affiliate Program’

For bloggers and content creators, the ConvertKit email-marketing tool becomes the top choice. Two things viz. Automation and Segmentation make ConvertKit a worthy program to look for. Offering about 30% of a lifetime commission, it looks like a good option keeping in mind how helpful their affiliate team is. With random new promos coming around the corner, you can rev up your affiliation game to a new level. Yes, you can trust on the payout method, it is your familiar old PayPal.


Checkout ConvertKit Here


  1. The ‘ElegantThemes Affiliate Program’ Offers Premium Features

Unlike all the other affiliate programs mentioned so far, you can expect something different from ElegantThemes. Not just their connections with WordPress make them a great choice, there is something else adding to that. You will be glad knowing that they offer premium WordPress themes and plugins.

The affiliate program offers a drastic 50% of the commission to their affiliates and you will get a great share when any user renews their license. Their commission rates will get the eyes attracted towards them. Regarding payout options, you can get the convenient PayPal for now.


Checkout ElegantThemes Here


  1. ThriveThemes’ Works Best For WordPress Bloggers And Marketers

They have a very good reputation in the industry, thanks to their amazing list of products for bloggers and marketers. Especially, if you are on WordPress, you will love them even more for their highly optimized WordPress themes and plugins. Their affiliate program is also enterprising because they offer 35% commission per sale plus an added 25% of a lifetime commission. What more can you probably ask for after all of these?


Checkout ThriveThemes Here

These recurring income methods are the most popular ones out there. You can enjoy your passive income after you get done with initial efforts.

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