Affiliate Networks With Free Affilitizer Chrome Addon
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Posted On: February 22, 2021
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What is the most difficult part of affiliate advertising?

Indeed, for me it is finding another affiliate program inside my specialty.

There are numerous approaches to find new affiliate programs in any specialty and one of them is by joining an affiliate marketplace. In any case, you may realize that it is so hard to continually peruse these affiliate marketplaces when attempting to locate another affiliate program that is exceptionally applicable to you.

How cool would it be if we could find new affiliate programs directly from Google Search?

Envision you are searching for data identified with a point you are composing on via looking on Google, and Google advises you regarding accessible affiliate programs identified with a site/item.

All things considered, if you just felt goosebumps contemplating this, you can everlastingly catch this inclination.

Affilitizer is another program in the affiliate advertising industry that encourages anybody to find new affiliate programs … free of charge!


How Affilitizer Works

Affilitizer offers a free Chrome and Firefox addon that you can install right now from here. When the addon is installed, it begins working naturally with no additional works.

Whenever you are looking for anything in Google Search, do focus on the “Affilitizer” icon.

When you just click on the affilitizer icon, it shows the place where you join the program for that site/item.

Tapping on the link will take you to the devoted landing page for that specific item.

In any case, you should remember that only one out of every odd affiliate network offers a devoted landing page for each program. In such cases, you will be diverted to the point of arrival of the affiliate network landing page. From that point, you can sign in and utilize the search option of the affiliate program/marketplace to join the affiliate program.

All things considered; they are cooperating with affiliate companies/marketplace to assist them with getting publishers. They have banded together with many affiliate marketplaces and as they cooperate with additional, you will want to find more affiliate programs.

Underneath We have listed down a some of the famous affiliate marketplaces that are coordinated with Affilitizer:

You can follow their Twitter profile to know when they add another affiliate program.

By and large, Affilitizer is something that each affiliate advertiser (new or pro) will adore having.

Nonetheless, do recall this addon is presently being developed and now and again it probably will not work perfectly. They are continually adding new highlights. Since this cost nothing, I am almost certain you will appreciate Affilitizer however much I am getting a charge out of it at the present time.
Authored By: Admin